Moments of relaxation on Roukounas beach

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The majestic beach of Roukounas

The most popular beach on the island. Vast with thin golden sand, suggests a solid destination for every visitor on the island. The tamarix trees along the beach offer their shade generously to all friends. From the largest part of the beach you can enjoy the distinctive view of the monolith.

Roukounas is a place where you feel the time stop, hours flow without noticing.

In Roukounas there are options to fill a whole day. You can have a coffee or breakfast to start your day, enjoy lunch or even accommodation. Combined with the crystal blue water, reading under the trees, tanning and playing on the sand, a full day on the beach is set.

For the more adventurous visitors, from the Eastern part of the beach a small path sets off leading to the bay of Katalimatsa with the magical tiny beach. Halfway you can find a small chapel with building blocks from an ancient shrine.


  • You can explore more hidden little beaches and bays by swimming around.
  • You will definitely need an umbrella or shading for the hot hours around noon.
  • The infinite and beautiful golden sand of Roukounas is not very ideal for days with strong wind.

Ideal visiting hours

All day long