Hiking to the top of Kalamos

Experience type
Sunrise from the top of Kalamos

Wherever you stand on the island, there are two elements in your eye-sight. The vast blue and Kalamos, the stunning monolith. The monolith is situated on the Eastern side of the island and suggests the landmark of Anafi. During the day span, the rock changes colour according to the reflected sunlight, which is a key factor to its unique appearance. Even more unique is the view from the top of the monolith,where the monastery hangs against the cliff, as well as the experience of reaching this magnificent place.

The route to the top takes around one hour and a quarter on average and is of moderate difficulty. There is a track that connects the big monastery, located where Kalamos connects with the rest of the island, with the monastery on top. The slope is demanding therefore following the track requires a good physical state, or more time for breaks, but the view as you hike up the path is rewarding. The local residents of Kalamos, the falcons of the endemic species Eleonora, are easier to come across as you reach the pick and keep an eye on you from above. From the top of the pick the view is breathtaking and gives a feeling of completeness.


  • Do not carry extra weight, ideally just bring the absolute necessary.
  • You will need more than 1 litre of water, this is an absolute necessity in any case!
  • Training shoes are a good choice you should avoid flip flops.

Ideal visiting hours

Early in the morning or late in the afternoon (for the summer period)