Enjoying the sandy beach of Kleisidi

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The beach of Kleisidi from above

The first beach that you run along when you reach Anafi is Kleisidi with the golden thin sand and the distinctive palm trees. It is only ten minutes away from the port and suggests one of the most popular destination on the island. Protected from the wind and the sun because of the tamarix trees that offer their shade. Kleisidi is a good choice for swimming and not only.

True vintage feeling like a movie set from the 70s

The easy accessibility and the options offered, make Kleisidi an ideal place for all day long and also night. You can start your day with coffee and breakfast, enjoy flavours between dives and also a romantic dinner. There are accommodation facilities for those who wish to be next to the beach while staying also close to Hora.

From here starts the coastal path that leads to the other southern beaches of the island like Katsouni and Flamourou.


  • Swimming around the rocks on the eastern side of the beach you can very easily reach Katsouni beach.
  • If you follow the track towards the other beaches, make sure to have water with you.
  • You can reach Kleisidi with a vehicle, but also through a path from Hora or from the port.

Ideal visiting hours

All day long