Sunset in Hora

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Sunset in Hora's upper square

Hora, the town of Anafi, is built on a peak offering a stunning view. From the eastern part of Hora, which is ideally orientated, you can enjoy the Sun shifting colours next to the backlit mountain-figure of Santorini. Of course there are two specific spots, easily accessible, that hold the perfect seats for the special "display".

The first spot is the little church on top of the rock that dominates the top of Hora, the area also known as "Κάστρο" which is castle in Greek. It is very easy to reach the place by just following the signs that are scattered in the various alleys. The view from the castle is panoramic with the sunset filling the one side and the majestic monolith on the other. The second spot is right next to the old mill found on the upper square of the town, a place which is rather less exposed to the winds.


  • You will need 10-15 minutes to reach the castle.

Ideal visiting hours

Half an hour before sunset