The island of Anafi

Anafi is a little island hidden at the southern edge of the Cyclades, the heart of the Aegean. The climate here is very special. The sun is gloriously bold and it is no accident that the ancient Greeks dedicated the island to Apollo. Luckily the annual northern winds that visit us every summer, the 'meltemia', counter the heat and create a perfect balance of warm temperatures, dryness and sweet night breeze. A result of these extreme weather conditions is the absence of trees on the island, there are only a few, which creates a vivid scenery. 

The landscapes here are dramatic, not meant for everybody, only those who embrace the wild beauty of the untouched.

The colour palette of the island is comprised of earthy tones - gifted by the rock formations that hold traces of the volcanic origins - and magical tones of blue from the crystal waters of the Aegean under the intense sunlight. These colours meet and blend smoothly over pure golden sandy beaches, the island is blessed with many.

The landmark of the island is the huge monolith attached on the eastern end of the island, Kalamos, declaring his presence and dominating the view from the biggest part of the island. Considered to be the second biggest single rock in the Mediterranean, after Gibraltar, Kalamos stands proudly to its reputation.

Anafi has managed to stay off the beaten path and maintains the true authentic feeling of the Cyclades.

This can be witnessed in various aspects; the landscape is kept rather intact with not extensive "development", the people of the island have kept their hospitality, standing as a reminder of older times, and a visitor can enjoy really local ingredients with a truly unique taste. Few islands in the Aegean are still the real deal and suggest an authentic experience with an original identity sustained.